Flying Ships – A Hydrofoil Documentary


In the period 1952-1972, Hydrofoils were tested on Lake Lucerne. Founded by two German pioneers of hydrofoil technology, Baron Hanns von Schertel and Gotthard Sachsenberg, Supramar AG was formed in Central Switzerland. The company devoted himself mainly to the development of commercial Hydrofoils and took a leadership role on the world market. 
The film is to live primarily from the statements of the protagonists. The goal is less a meticulous listing of historical facts as the emotional narrative combined with informative
additions. The first generation of Supramar employees is no longer alive. This makes a story "firsthand" unfortunately impossible. To come to word therefore employees of the "second generation" until today, former shipyard employees and family members of the pioneers.

Production and Team

The film is produced by Wuhrmann Enterprises, a small company in Stans, Switzerland.
The Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne is one of the Major Partners (historically) of this Project. Tele 1, the television station of Central Switzerland is our technical Partner.

The executive production team is the same as of the documentary "Üsi Bahn" ("Our Railroad"), a successful documentary about a local Railroad:

- Beat Wuhrmann, Producer / Director
- Thomas Wuhrmann, Producer (Executive) / Director / Camera
- Bettina Wild, Camera / Editing

The Film will be released as TV-Documentary and DVD, there will be also some public screenings in local Cinemas.
The documentary will be produced in German (in first Stage).

Timetable / Technical Specifications

Pre-production: from winter / spring 2016
Production Start: spring 2016
Shooting: from summer / autumn 2016
Postproduction: from winter 2016/2017
Release: autumn 2017


Length: 77:41 minutes
Production time: 18 months
Shooting time: 25 days (in 4 countries, spread over 10 months)
Shooting format: HD 422 50i (PAL)

Archival footage:

35 mm
16 mm
8 mm
various video formats